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    Reseller program :

    Add an additional Revenue Stream with the
    HotStats ISP / Web Host Partner Program

    Although our standard package configuration represents a great way for you to add the proper statistics service to your sites, we realize that your needs as an ISP / Web Host are different to that of most webmasters. As such, we have designed this program to meet all the requirements of Your business from website analytics to website ranking and optimization tools.

    If you are an established brand or organization serving small and medium sized businesses, then you know that you have enormous potential to acquire large customer portfolios needing to integrate with statistics services.

    However, you may not want to invest in the infrastructure and technology necessary to maintain your own statistics platform. Let us introduce you to HotStats ISP / Web Host Parner Program.

    We will provide with a comprehensive line of statistics solutions that can be rapidly deployed for your customer base. You can continue to focus on your core business while we maintain the stable statistic platform for your success.

    Your revenue model within the HotStat's ISP / Web Host Program is simple. We are responsible for maintaining the facilities, network, equipment, architecture, deployment, software and billing for you, you are responsible for marketing, sales, billing and support activity for your customers. You retain the ownership of your customers. We will have no contact with your customers.

    Your revenue is the discount based on the volume of business you are doing with us and adjusted according to your monthly volume.

    Typical Discount Schedule

    Number of active (non free) accounts:

    Active accounts Partner level Discount rate
    4 - 10
    11 - 20
    21 and more

    The same rates will be applied to upgrades and renewals.

    Initiation fee of € 50 applies to all new ISP / Web Host Program Program participants. All prices are subject to 20% tax.

    Click here to sign up to our ISP / Web Hosting Partner Program now »

    Main benefits:

    • It's Easy. The use of the service is user friendly and well documented, giving compehensive reports for you and your customers
    • You may access the service trough your own third-level domain name, like
    • Your own logo may be displayed
    • No banner ads in your user's control panel
    • Manage all your customer accounts and new sign-ups from a single account.
    • On-line billing interface for easy tracing of the service status
    • Complete flexibility on the price you charge your customers.
    • No more need to store those large log files on your server.
    • No software to Install - We Operate and Support the whole system.

    How can I make money?
    You may earn up to 100% markup.
    We want this to be a true long lasting partnership and therefor we have set the Discount rates at a fairly high level. You may have a 20 to 50% discount rate, so you will be able to obtain the service on behalf of your clients at half our standard rate. Thus if you pass on the cost to your customer at our standard rate you will obtain a 100% markup.

    Because, like your business, the HotStats service is based around a flexible model, we feel that offering your customers this service will be a great addition
    to your business. By enhancing your range of services you will both attract new customers and increase your profit per customer.
    Remember, if you don't offer your customers Visitor tracking and analysis, someone else will.

    No more need to store those Large Log Files on your Server.
    The EasyStat system stores all information about your customers visitors in it's own database hosted on our own array of servers. Therefore allowing you to remove those large log files which are taking up valuable disk space and resources on your servers.

    Partner Support
    If it any stage you have questions, suggestions, require help or advice or just general comments then please contact us at,

    Remember, we want you to succeed, it's in both our interests.

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