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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I lost my username / password

    Go to the Remember password page and enter the e-mail address of your account. The password will then be sent to the e-mail address currently in the database for that account. As for your account number, the number is contained in your counter code, within the link reference. View your source code for this information.

    How do i change the syle or color of my counter?

    You can change the style of your counter by logging into your account at Go to the control panel and choose the counter style and color.

    I have a different Web site and need to change my URL. Can I do that?

    If your Web address changes, you do not need to get a new Hot Stats account, simply change the URL of your current account.

    I would like to change my password. How do I do that?

    A: Log into your account at, click the Config tab, click the PASSWORD link, and make the desired change.
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    When I try to log into my account, I get "Invalid password".

    The password function is case sensitive. Please try again, and ensure that upper and lower case letters are where they belong. If you are still having problems, contact us.

    Can you please close my account?

    If you don't use your account, please remove the counter code from your pages. We will remove the accounts that are not used for 3 months (90 days)

    Why do I sometimes not get my e-mailed weekly statistics reports or sometimes get two?

    A: We are in the process of modifying our list servers (hardware and software) in an effort to keep up with the popularity of HotStats and to deliver your weekly statistics reports even faster and with more functionality. On occasion, we have had to restart the mail process, thereby resulting in duplicate statistics reports for some customers. You will not be charged for any additional reports. As to not receiving the e-mailed weekly statistics: If the list server cannot make contact with your mail server (e.g., if your mail server is temporarily down), it will hold your e-mail message for re-delivery. It will make several attempts to deliver your mail, but it will eventually give up. We do not keep old reports on file.
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    What is the difference between "unique visits" and "all”?

    "Unique visits" means that if someone visits the site 125 times, they are only recorded once as a 'unique' visitor. "All" means it counts all 125 visits, even if it's the same person.
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    My visits are not being tracked.

    Please remove all HotStats code from your page if you have any. Copy & paste this code into your page with a text editor: (add your account number at the end of the URL

    My hits are counted twice.

    Remove all HotStats codes from your page. Visit your page and make sure it is not being counted. Then get your HotStats code again by logging in to your account at Click the Config tab, and then the HTML Code link, and place the code in your page source code.

    Does the counter count/track all pages within a site?

    The counter counts/tracks only the page on which it is installed. If you want specific statistics for more than one page, you must install a separate counter (with separate account number) on each page that you want tracked. If you want to know only how many visits or visitors you receive to the Web site in general, you could install the same counter code on all of your pages. Example: On a automotive estate Web site, you have a Web page for "Service" and one for "Sales". If you want to compare how many visits or visitors you have to these pages, you would want a separate counter for each page. If you only care to know how many visits or visitors there were for the pages combined, you would use the same counter code on each page.

    I get script errors when viewing my page with the Counter on it.

    Quite often, errors arise on a Web page that was written using a WYSIWYG program, such as Front Page, as the Web editor improperly modifies the counter code. You need to use a text editor (such as Windows Notepad) to insert the counter code. To do this follow the instructions on "How to Place the HTML Code" above. Also, often times, errors occur if you are using old code from Log into your account at, click the Config tab, and then click the HTML code link to view the current counter code. Copy the new code. Now, replace the old code with the new code in your HTML page.

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